9th oleada oleada
By Lisa del Rosario
Artist in Residence for 11:11:02
1208 W. 4th St. Austin, TX 78703
December 7-10, 2016
When actions are created, there are transfers of energy. "The 9th Oleada Oleada" (The 9th Wave Wave) is a performance piece that emerged from a concerted effort of 6 artists, 5 in Austin and 1 in Edinburgh, Scotland in Dec of 2016.  "We are all the waves of one sea" -Thich Nhat Hanh
I am interested in diving deeper into this homage to our earth and life - a reflection of how our choices impact each other in relation to our environment. The expression the “ninth wave” is drawn from a nautical tradition which implies that waves grow larger and larger in a series up to the largest - the ninth wave. Guided by the heart and breath, in collaboration with my guest artists, I will further explore the mediums of movement and sound in the context of resonance, connection, and impact.
If granted this generous opportunity, I will fully realize a show and contribute to my community in ways I have never achieved as a choreographer, as this would be my first full-length dance performance. Dance has been my lifelong study and most cultivated form. It is important for me to create artwork in order to voice my heart, shift perspectives, enhance life, and to help drive and preserve culture.
Choreography: Lisa del Rosario and Kevin Briggs   
Dancers: Alyson Dolan, Angie Johnson, Lisa del Rosario 
Musicians: Jason McKenzie and Drew Silverman
Lighting Design: Natalie George   
Video: Patton Baker