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November 13-15 and 19-22 by reservation only

Rogge Ranch House // 3506 Rogge Lane

A reimagined experience in live dance performance, Elsewhere 

transmutes the concepts of stage, audience, and performance to acknowledge the barriers keeping us apart — while permitting a glimpse at what may be happening inside their confines. 

Elsewhere is a self-guided tour of dance installations with performers dancing inside a home on the grounds of East Austin venue the Rogge Ranch House. On a rotating schedule, an audience of 10 voyeurs is invited to surround the house, exploring from the outside and spying through the windows. Audience members enjoy unique perspectives that frame every encounter as they move from window to window, witnessing the different atmospheres being created in each room. 

Transcending the unprecedented challenges faced this year by live performers and theatergoers, Elsewhere integrates essential safety limitations into the dance’s structure, producing an obscure allegory of emotional and physical vulnerability that rings perfectly true for precarious times.

Mask required - PPE available - reservations are non-refundable

Artistic Director - Jennifer Sherburn

Host - Marcie Bruscato Poss


Choreography & Performance - Jairus Carr, Ciceley Fullylove, Lisa Anne Kobdish, Hailley Lauren, Taryn Lavery, Alex Miller, Clay Moore, Amy Myers, Sarah Annie Navarrete

Composer - Juliana Sheffield

Technical & Lighting Design - Chris Conard


Photography & Videography -  Sarah Annie Navarrete

Graphic Design - Jon Windham

Please note our cancellation policies and COVID Safety Protocols at check out.

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