Sweet Lilium
By Amy Myers
Artist in Residence for 11:11:07
Sertodo Copper Austin, TX 78721
May 10-13, 2017

Sweet Lilium is a part of Myers' Thank You Notes Project, pulling movement, and sound from a series of writing/dance-based workshops that focus on dealing with the strong emotions surrounding the loss of loved ones. Out of ashes comes new life, and out of darkness comes the light.

The first stage of this piece dealt with loss by way of writing, and expressing, thank-you notes written to lost loved ones.  The next phase will be an exploration of self-rediscovery, something we all experience in the wake of life changes, both big and small.  I would like to host at least one more Thank-You Note workshop, allowing the community to take part in the process, and influence where the piece goes.  I will be working with John Gable, as composer, and 5-7 dancers/actors.
Video Credits:
Choreography: Amy Myers
Composer/ Musician: John Gable
Lighting Design: Stephen Pruitt
Video: Colin Lowry