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Rosalyn Nasky

Artist in Residence 

Rosalyn Nasky is an Austin-based choreographer and performer who is perpetually interested in the combination of visual, aural, and visceral elements within performance. Rosalyn has been honored to present her work at Fusebox Festival, FronteraFest, SoundSpace, Omaha Under the Radar, Monkey Town, Catastrophe Theory Arts, INdustry Night, Story Bar, Fall for Dance Festival, Sling Dance Project, Big Range Dance Festival, MATA Interval, and NMASSfest; as well as honored to perform within the productions of duo Heloise Gold and Natalie George, Allyson Lipkin, line upon line percussion, Errin Delperdang, and Katherine Hodges. Rosalyn is thrilled and grateful to be a part of the 11:11 project.

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