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Errin Delperdang

Artist in Residence 

Errin Delperdang is a choreographer, performer and teacher based in Austin, TX.  Locally, her work has been presented by the Fusebox Festival, Outsider Fest, Catastrophe Workshop, Ready, Set, Go!, Co-lab, Dance Umbrella, EAST, and now, Jennifer Sherburn/11:11.  Recently, much of her work has  been made in collaboration with Dany Casey as one half of the Mimi's.  Errin has also worked with many creative minds such as Kelly Hasandras, Katherine Hodges, Lindsey Taylor, Ellen Bartel,  and a whole host of amazing Austin artists.  She is also involved in teaching and performing with the Austin based integrated arts group, Body Shift.  She has taught, performed and shown work in New York, Mexico, Germany, North Carolina and Florida.  This summer, Errin will embark on her next big endeavor when she starts physical therapy school at Texas State University in June.

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