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Amy Myers

Artist in Residence 

AMY MYERS (Chroeographer) Amy received her BFA in Ballet and Modern Dance from TCU.  As a freelance performer, she has had the opportunity to perform all over Texas, the US, and Europe with many local companies/choreographers including (but not limited to) Aeriel Dance Theatre, Ellen Bartel Dance Collective, Ready Set Go, Jennifer Sherburn, Contemporary Dance/Fort Worth, Blue Lapis Light, BlipSwitch, Sky Candy, Woven Feet, and Rapt.  She also dances live, and in music videos with musicians including Sorne, Technicolor Hearts, Nightdrive, Walker Lukens, and others.  As a choreographer, Amy presents work locally, and creates dance for video projects with local photographers.  Amy is also a Certified Yoga Instructor, Licensed Massage Therapist, and creator of Amy's Apothecary.

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