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September 6, 7, 8, 9

Carson Creek Ranch

9501 Sherman Road, Austin 78742


by Jennifer Sherburn and the 11:11 Crew

Come In!!!

by Rosalyn Nasky

Dance 1

Come In!!!

By Rosalyn Nasky

Original music by Matt Steinke


Rosalyn Nasky and Matthew Steinke present COME IN!!!, a collaboration incorporating live robotic percussion, solo dance, and original music.

Dance 2


By Jennifer Sherburn and the 11:11 crew

Original Music by Justin Sherburn

Lighting Design by Natalie George


Centered around the idea of a giant waltz--and its history as a symbol of communal gratitude and celebration--this show brings together artists and ideas from our now formed Eleven Eleven family. Our final parting piece for 11:11 will be scored by composer Justin Sherburn and his 4-piece band, and performed by a cast of 25 dancers, collaborators, technicians, volunteers, and musicians. Spread across an open field under the Texas sky we will perform a dance in triples--Gratitude, Joy, and Community.  

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