July 5, 7, 8

Community Cinema at Community First! Village 9301 Hog Eye Rd, Austin, TX 78724

Dance 1: Chassé

By Lisa Anne Kobdish,

Video by Catherine Solaas

Music by John Gable


Rebels with a cause; the dancers of Chassé run out of sight just as the scene is set, and return with a new look. Created in Austin's developing Mueller Lake Park and performed in the eastern hills of Community First! Village, this on-the-go dance work investigates the freedom of movement through open spaces and the vigor we find within communal journeys. Experience the creation in dance film form, or if you dare, on the sweaty run!

Cast - Elizabeth Hartzell, Dillar Schwartz, Audrey Halm, Yvonne Keyrouz, Dany Casey, Genevieve Schmidt, Katie Mulligan, Erinina Ness, Angie Johnson, Ann Keyrouz, Emily Rushing, Wendy Rucci, Kelsey Oliver, Angela Jean, Rachel Meador, Anika Jones, Sandie Donzica, Rachel Meador


by Jennifer Sherburn


by Lisa Anne Kobdish