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April 5-8 @ 8PM

KC Grey Home

211 E Alpine Rd. Austin, TX 78704


Multi-layered disturbance

by Jennifer Sherburn, Dawn Stoppiello, Natalie George, Yvonne Boudreaux, Michael Brown & Solid State Dream Suit



As in a ripple or disturbance

Like that of water or air behind a ship or plane

A disturbance in creative process welcomed from collaboration

The reverberation of energy contained between four walls

A gentle ripple of nostalgia

Or a sudden rude awakening

Featuring dancers: Alexa Capreda, Hailley Lauren, Taryn Lavery, Amy Meyers and Emily Rushing


Lighting Design: Natalie George    Graphic Design: Jon Windham     Illustrator : Lindsey Taylor    Photo: Sarah Annie Navarrete     Video: Colin Lowry     Stage Manager: Sadie Langenkamp    Community Artist Discussion: Erica Gionfrido and Elliot Fisher

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