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March 8-11 @ 8PM

Live Oak Brewing Company

1615 Crozier Ln.

Hopfen und Waltz

by Jennifer Sherburn

Together and Apart

by Silva Laukkanen

& Tanya Winters

On Mass

by Errin Delperdang

Dance 1 - On Mass

by Errin Delperdang

Performed in the Windows of the Brewhouse...

How do you weigh options?  Measure success? Calculate choices?  On Mass is a study, a collage, a schematic.  A diagram of each individual, incidental, mundane and catastrophic event that can happen in a month, picked apart and pieced together in a misguided attempt to try and make it all "make sense".


Dance 2 - Together and Apart

by Silva Laukkanen & Tanya Winters

A duet between two women who explore the changes that environment has on dance. This duet started in August 2016 in Austin where it was performed in several different locations each adding new flavors and growth to it's development. It has been and continues to be a dance that is ever changing just like the environments where it is performed. Since its conception, Together & Apart has added several environments to its repertoire including The Bosque and the Balloon Museum in Albequerque, A Childrens Museum and a Commuter Train and now beirgarten!

Dance 3 - Hopfen und Waltz

by Jennifer Sherburn

Original Live Music by Catherine Davis

Nestled in a gorgeous grove of Live Oak trees called Beirgarten 2, Jennifer and company have created their latest piece of dance whimsy--Hopfen und Waltz. Captivated by the sprawling surroundings, the rumble of approaching planes, and the passionate masters of the German Brewing process, this performance focuses in on beauty of the Live Oak Brewery grounds and the what-ifs of the world happening around it. Sway with the swings in the trees, experience decibels of great heights, ponder stories and fears of flights, and enjoy the quality chemistry inside.

Featuring dancers: Mark Bonus, Katherine Gunderson, Susan Harkey, Anika Jones, Lisa Anne Kobdish, Hailley Lauren, Taryn Lavery, Amy Meyers and Genevieve Schmidt

Lighting Design: Natalie George    Graphic Design: Jon Windham     Illustrator : Lindsey Taylor    Photo: Sarah Annie Navarrete     Video: Colin Lowry     Stage Manager: Sadie Langenkamp    Community Artist Discussion: Erica Gionfrido and Elliot Fisher

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