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February 8-11 @ 8PM

1800 E 6th St. Austin, TX 78702

The Unbridgeable Distance

By Darla Johnson


By Jennifer Sherburn

Dance 1: The Unbridgeable Distance

By Darla Johnson

Conceived and Directed by Darla Johnson in collaboration with: Dancers Anne Wharton and Melissa Watt, Actor/Wanderer Tim Mateer, Music artist Bill, Meadows, Sculptor Bernard Perrou, Set designer Curtis Gravatt and Video artist Sarah Wingfield. This work is a ritual and meditation on the butte and the willow. Forces beyond our control and the need to try to accept and understand how nature shapes us.


Dance 2: panning_memory

By Jennifer Sherburn

panning_memory is a collaboration between Jennifer Sherburn and composer William West created specifically for a surround sound environment. Jennifer is exploring a new way to collaborate with the music by observing Williams’s computer files as the score is played, then translating into movement the patterns and data from the panning modules, tracks and channels built within the score.

The audience is seated in the round for an immersive experience of the physical performance in conjunction with the surround score. Through this process there has been a tug at old memories as early artists; a place where things felt new and fascinating, experimenting with sonic and physical stimuli. This re-discovered territory allows the two collaborators to abandon the all too familiar solutions developed over the years and trade them for more vulnerable and precious results.

Featuring dancers: Alexa Capreda, Hailley Lauren, Taryn Lavery, Alex Miller and Amy Meyers


Lighting Design: Stephen Pruitt    Graphic Design: Jon Windham     Illustrator : Lindsey Taylor    Photo: Sarah Annie Navarrete     Video: Patton Baker     Stage Manager: Sadie Langenkamp     Intermission Performances by: Zac Crawford, Kelly Hasandras, Eric Pena, Mark Stewart, Kay Valence and Juli Sheffi Wiggin

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