Come In!!!
By Rosalyn Nasky
Artist in Residence for 11:11:11
Carson Creek Ranch Austin, TX 78742
September 6-9, 2017

Rosalyn Nasky and Matthew Steinke present COME IN!!!, a collaboration incorporating live robotic percussion, solo dance, and original music.

I'm excited to better align my work with my artistic ideals through this opportunity. I will continue to explore how abstract movement and sound can function together as a language to convey specificity without inherent message. I believe in the importance of the work to be thought-provoking as well as inclusionary, where anyone can experience the details and fill in their own meaning. I will consider how subtle shifts in design can feel immense and serve to move the piece forward. It will be rewarding to explore these and other ideas with my collaborator Matthew Steinke. We intend to expand the duration and tone of the piece for greater exploration of subtlety and spaciousness. I will work with two other performers and continue exploring physicality in relationship to shape, pattern, and repetition. The movements will be an exercise in energy bordering between dance and performance art. Matthew will work with a wider range of robotics as well as differing relationships between pre-recorded and live sound. The budget provided will be sufficient to realize the development of this work as it will fund a performance space, a lighting designer, Matthew, two performers, and myself.
Video Credits:
Choreography/ Performance: Rosalyn Nasky
Composer/ Musician: Matthew Steinke
Lighting Design: Natalie George
Video: Mattias Alegro Marasigan