July 5, 7, 8

Community Cinema at Community First! Village 9301 Hog Eye Rd, Austin, TX 78724


by Jennifer Sherburn

Dance 2 of 11:11:09

By Jennifer Sherburn, Taryn Lavery, Hailley Lauren, Tolly Moseley and Amy Myers

Jennifer Sherburn has joined forces with some of her core dance collaborators, finding new ways to create a communal platform for site-specific reflection. Re:turn? will be choreographed by using the results of a series of creative movement experiments conducted at Community First! Village and guided by questions of impressions, identity, place and landscape.

Featuring dancers: Hailley Lauren, Taryn Lavery, Tolly Moseley and Amy Myers

Lighting Design: Kate Ducey   

Music: Laura Scarborough   

Video: Mattias Alegro Marasigan   

Stage Manager: Michael Loague