March 8-11 @ 8PM

Live Oak Brewing Company

1615 Crozier Ln.

Hopfen und Waltz

by Jennifer Sherburn

Dance 3 of 11:11:05

Nestled in a gorgeous grove of Live Oak trees called Beirgarten 2, Jennifer and company have created their latest piece of dance whimsy--Hopfen und Waltz. Captivated by the sprawling surroundings, the rumble of approaching planes, and the passionate masters of the German Brewing process, this performance focuses in on beauty of the Live Oak Brewery grounds and the what-ifs of the world happening around it. Sway with the swings in the trees, experience decibels of great heights, ponder stories and fears of flights, and enjoy the quality chemistry inside.

Featuring dancers: Mark Bonus, Katherine Gunderson, Susan Harkey, Anika Jones, Lisa Anne Kobdish, Hailley Lauren, Taryn Lavery, Amy Meyers and Genevieve Schmidt

Lighting Design: Natalie George   

Music: Catherine Davis     

Video: Colin Lowry     

Stage Manager: Patti Neff Tiven