11:11:2018 Voting begins 11/1 @7p

These 4 choreographers featured during 11:11 have a vision
to further consider the development of their works and Jennifer does too!
We are asking YOU to help us decide on TWO works to be developed in 2018.
ONE from a Choreographer-in-Residence and ONE of Jennifer's.

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Residency Works Considered for Spring 2018 Project
9th Oleada Oleada
by Lisa del Rosario
Sweet Lilium
by Amy Myers


by Taryn Lavery of BLiPSWiTCH

Come In!!!

by Rosalyn Nasky

Jennifer's Works Considered for Summer 2018 Project
Requiem for a Leaf
Bulldozers in Heaven
Figure 1: Built to Suit
Hopfen und Waltz

 Announcement Party and 11:11 Award Ceremony
at Live Oak Brewing Company  

Date: 11/11/2017  Time: 6-9p

From November of 2016 through September of 2017 Jennifer Sherburn and some of Austin’s best choreographers created new works each month for eleven months. Popping up in non-traditional spaces all over Austin, an evenings length of work was created with Sherburn making a 20 minute piece and a monthly artist-in-residence making a 20 minute work which ran for 4 nights each month.


With 11 wild and crazy months behind us, a huge new community surrounding us, and a curiosity about what we just did, we have decided to create 11:11:2018 and dive-in a little deeper to two of the works featured during 11:11. We are asking our 11:11 friends and followers to vote for the 2 performances—One from Jennifer and one from an artist-in-residence— best to be further considered and transformed into their own evening's length performance. One will be performed in the spring, the other in the summer of 2018. 

Make 1 Selection for Each Poll (One Vote Per Device)