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Kelly Hasandras

Artist in Residence 

Kelly Hasandras is a choreographer, dancer, and actor in Austin, Texas.  In the last year she has performed in: Gnap Theater’s Soul Grudge Showdown (Tulsa Tammy), An Evening of Selected Scenes for Austin Community College (Fall: Dinner with Friends and Spring: Radio Ghosts), On Display at the Blanton Art Museum by Heidi Latski, Fronterra Fest’s Mi Casa Es Su Teatro, and in For Time and Eternity by American Berserk Theater.  She dances improvisationally with musician Nicolas Melmann from Buenos Aires and band PetCatMan from Austin.  She was recently awarded Best Actress in the 48 Hour Film Festival 2017.  She is a certified DanceAbility International instructor who also performs regularly with BodyShift Dance Company (created by VSA and Forklift Danceworks).  During the day she co-coordinates a free teen art and theater program for the City of Austin called, Totally Cool Totally Art. 

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