Jennifer Sherburn


Natalie George Productions presented

Eleven Dances in Eleven Months

Jennifer Sherburn made eleven different dances and was a host to a new artist in residence who shared the stage in an evening of dance for one weekend per month. This project was designed for dance artists to go to work and with no holds barred, make art! There were 8 venues and over 100 artists, technicians, and volunteers that came together to make that happen! 

Eleven Eleven embraced the community in which it resided and opened the doors wide for artistic collaborations. Each new work deeply consider the space specific to each production resulting in provocative live performances. Eleven Eleven offered a unique and dynamic experience eleven times.

At the conclusion of the critically acclaimed 11:11 series, a public vote was held to determine which of the 11 new works would receive city funding to be developed into an evening-length production. Two were chosen, Jennifer's Drive-In 11:11:07 and BLiPSWiTCH Co-founder, Taryn Lavery's Roheline of 11:11:08.


In May of 2018 Jennifer will present hone \ rile, originally Roheline

reimagined by BLiPSWiTCH 

In June of 2018 Jennifer Sherburn, Billy West and a cast of 12

 will fully-realize their work, Drive-In

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